Our company

The commercial farm Antica Corte Bagolina was born in the 60's as Cantina Checchini (Checchini's Winery), producing only bulk wine. Giuseppe, head of the activity at the time, was constantly committed to taking care of the vineyards closely following the development and maturation of the grapes.
The turnaround of the company takes place, however, in the late 90's, when Massimilano, Giuseppe's son, driven by a growing passion for the wine production, decides to give fresh impetus to the family business, providing for a significant restructuring of the seventeenth-century palace where the company is located. The transformation begins with the change in name: the company will be called Antica Corte Bagolina, named after the place where it is located.
In the early 2000, a historical underground cellar, remained hidden until then, was brought to light and in the following years, a large hall and a cosy wine tasting halls available also for tours was created.


The cellar where Massimilano welcomes his guests is distinguished by its historical character but also for its modern connotations due to recent works that involves the entire farm. The new wine-making cellar is the home of modern steel silos for the storage and fermentation of wine; even the areas prior to restoration features a considerable number of cisterns which contain different types of bulk wine, from the classic Custoza wine to those expressing the Company's strong and distinguished character such as the red and white wines.

Going through the tasting halls, you can then visit the underground cellar and the tunnel connected to it; Massimilano will be pleased to tell the origin of this fascinating place, yet full of charm and mystery.

A piece of history that still lives
in these picturesque hills!